Violet and Valentine

“It is just me and my 8 year old daughter Valentine, who is in elementary school. I have worked at Nordstrom for almost 15 years. I opened the Nordstrom on Oahu where I lived for 6 years and where my daughter was born. I grew up in Texas and decided to move back to raise my daughter closer to my family.

Since I work retail we have been closed since March 17th and are not sure when we'll reopen. That uncertainty along with how things will be after it reopens is terrifying to think about but we are trying to remain positive. As you know school closures have extended until May 4th so home schooling has been a challenge, it definitely makes me appreciate teachers and their patience! I haven't been able to see my mom or brother and family since the beginning of March (my mom usually helps watch my daughter on the weekend while I work) and am not sure when we'll see them next.

Although things are uncertain, I am grateful for this time to reset and connect with my daughter. We have had more picnics and walks in the past couple of weeks than we've had in the past couple of years! I'm grateful to all the employees still working with the public on the frontlines. I also appreciate the schools that are providing free meals for students and caregivers which is needed so much in the community right now.” - Violet

Thank you Violet and Valentine for letting us share your story and capture these moments 💜

Content by: Chris Lammert and Keelyn Costello