Ashley & her family - Better Together

“My entire family lives in Austin and we are extremely close. My grandmother cooks dinner for at the very least, 10 of us every Monday. With her being elderly and a breast cancer survivor, we've made the choice to not physically visit her. Going from physically seeing her 3 to 4 times a week to Zero is starting to wear on all of us. We miss her dearly. We miss our whole family.

I'm thankful that we are still able to provide for our family through all of this. My heart absolutely aches for those trying to figure out how they're going to put their next meal on the table or pay their bills. I'm also thankful for the time I'm getting with my children. With the poor paid family leave our country has, I wouldn't have normally had this time with my son. He would've been in the care of others. Same with my daughter, just to be able to spend time with her without the hustle of everyday life such as homework or practice is priceless”.

Thank you Ashley for having us capture portraits of your beautiful family. We hope you all can be with the rest of your family soon. ❤️

Content created by Keelyn Costello and Chris Lammert.