he Mogford Family 🏡

The Mogford Family 🏡We loved this bio of this cute family, written by their dad, Colin. We couldn’t help but share. 😅

“Husband (Colin) cooler than the rest of us, loves soccer, punk rock music and Lonestar, wife (Misty) loves winning people over, books and naps- daughter (Liberty) 5, who currently wants to be Beyonce when she grows up, and Cooper 3 who loves bad guys, cars, all sports and pretending to be a kitten”.

This family is just as busy as before - with Colin taking on the bulk of parent info. They say that the silver lining is that this is the most time they’ve been able to spend with their kids and the most time the kids have got to spend with one another- “sibling bonding is beautiful (and trying)”.

Last year, their new year's resolution was to buy an HEB gift card each time they went to the store and either give it to someone in need or to the cashier so that they can help someone out. We love this idea!

Thank you Mogford Family for having us take your FrontPortraits! ❤️