Alex and Alix - Two of a Kind

This cute married couple moved into their home just a few months ago, but have been Austinites for a long time. They love to cosplay and dress up, and say their dog and 3 guinea pigs sometimes get in on the wardrobe action, too!

Due to COVID19, they have been working from home and have been isolated from their parents and grandparents who live in the area, because they are in the high risk age range.

Alix has been volunteering with Foundation Communities to do "care calls" - friendly check-ins with residents in supportive housing to help ease the isolation during this time.

Alix says, “It's a win win as I am craving the connection, too!” Thank you Alex...and Alix for having us take your FrontPortraits ❤️

Content by: Chris Lammert and Keelyn Costello